What is the deposit?

The deposit is £35 per person, this is strictly non refundable unless the event is cancelled from the event organisers.

What if I can not make the event?

If you can not make the event, please visit our T&Cs for details on cancellations. we ALWAYS advise you should get insurance this is often around £5-£10 but well worth it in our opinion. 

Are your events suitable for beginners?

All our weekends under the event details will state what level the weekend is suitable for.

Do you cater for groups?

Yes we do - Regardless of your group size we can arrange so you all sit together. Also if your group is 25 people or more then we do a group discount of ONE free place for every 25 people you bring.

Can you organise transfers?

Yes we can providing you give us one or max 2 pickup points we can organise this for you. We can do the following..

16 Seater - Mini bus

24-33 Seater - Midi coach

49-53 Seater - Full size coach

72 Seater - Double decker

What is included on the dance weekend?

All your entertainment, 2 x breakfast, 2 x evening meals, and your accommodation is included. If you wish to add bolt-ons nights like adding a Thursday or Sunday night then this must be done through us before the event, and full payment must be made.

How do you communicate?

We will only communicate with the group leader of any party so whether that is 2 people or 50 people we will only deal with the group leader. This will be done mostly y email on occasions it may be via text message, messenger or by phone.

When do we get the weekend schedule?

We will often release this 14-days before the event by email to the party leader, it is then their responsibility to update their party.