How to be on the dance floor

I’ve been dancing for 24 years and even today I see stuff that surprises me, so I thought it would be good to try and remind dancers on dance floor etiquette! While you read these have a think on what I have missed out as I’m sure you have seen some things I have missed ….

1.I’m a dancer and I will reduce the volume on my mobile phone during a lesson, or even put my mobile phone on mute! If all fails I will submerse my phone in a pint of water!

2.I’m a dancer and I don’t own my seat or a place on the dance floor at my regular class, I will respect who sits “in my seat” and “who dances in my space” and find somewhere else to go, or I maybe I could camp outside the night before so I can reserve my place!

3.I’m a dancer and my teacher is only human he isn’t GOD if he was then he would make me a Sh!t hot dancer, so if I see a mistake in a dance I won’t shout out and try to humiliate my teacher I will go up to them at the end of the lesson and point out where I feel it “could” be wrong!

4.I’m a dancer, so I  will remember to take myself off the dance floor and not talk to my friend about last nights TV show or what I had for tea the night before.

5.I’m a dancer, and once I was a beginner so I completely understand how it feels walking into a new dance club, so I will remember to always welcome new beginners and visitors and make them feel at home! 

6.I’m a dancer, a ninja, a complete whizkid but I must also remember the dancers around me especially when learning a new dance, I must remember not to add a cartwheel, spin, or anything that potentially can put fellow dancers off! I will keep my cartwheels for the car park!

7.I’m a dancer, and I must remember that when my teacher is teaching a dance I must shut up, I have a habit of talking louder and louder as my teacher turns up his speaker, or is she/he telling me something 😉

8.I’m a dancer, a dance swat, I go dancing five times a week, but I must remember some dancers only get to dance once a week, so I must be patient and not expect everyone to get a dance in two week, sometimes it can take up to 8 weeks!

9.I’m a dancer and must know the dance before requesting it at a social, it’s so embarrassing if I get up and no one else does, so I will be mindful of this and make sure enough know it before requesting it!

10.I’m a dancer and I must remember to keep an eye out for any partner dancers coming around the edge of the floor, I don’t want to trip them up – or do I mmmm

11.I’m a dancer and will applause artists, or guest instructors when they come on and off the stage, I must remember to appreciate their efforts and talent even if it’s not my bag!

12.I’m a dancer and I must remember not to walk across the floor with food and drink, I will keep to the outside of the floor at all times!

13.I’m a dancer and must remember to smile, and if I have any problems to speak to my instructor as they can certainly try and help out!

As I said above we all need to be reminded of these as its easily to forget dance floor etiquette and please remember this is not having a dig at anyone but safety is key and a great atmosphere and as long as we respect one and other this should always make the dance world a wonderful loving place!

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