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Winter Bonanza 2019 Review

Just got back from a cracking line dance weekend with guest choreographer & DJ Gary O’Reilly and Mike Hitchen. This weekend was on at the Celtic Royal Hotel in North Wales, in my opinion the best hotel across the UK for dance weekends.

The event started Friday evening with DJ Daniel Whittaker and Saturday night was with DJ Mike Hitchen. They both played a real mixture of old, new, easy and more challenging dances which catered for all dancers. We did a charity raffle on each evening for Parkinson’s Disease and pleased to say we raised £350.00, and to date we have raised over £4,000 for this very special charity to many dancers heart.

Saturday and Sunday mornings we had workshops with Gary O’Reilly, Daniel Whittaker and Mike Hitchen, between us we taught a number of dances from Improver to intermediate, see below for a full description of each dance taught.

:: Gary Taught ::

Darling That’s The Truth – This for me was my favourite dance of the weekend, done to a great song by James Blunt, fit’s brilliantly and I just loved it!

Greatest Love At All (Co-Written with Niels Poulsen) – Even though the sheet is not released yet it was a beautiful dance and if you can stick with it and learn it then you will enjoy the dance to this great song by Whitney Houston.

Adalida – I previously taught this in class but it’s a good little dance especially if you like Country, many years ago there was another dance to this track but I can’t remember the steps. Originally sung by George Straight this has been re-released by Derek Ryan, in fact its a great cover! The dance is fast and was well liked, a good safe dance to teach in class!

:: Mike Taught ::

Morning Train – This is a very well known song, I must say I didn’t know it until the chorus kicked in and then I recognised the song. The danced fitted really well and I think you should give this a try.

:: Daniel Taught ::

Lion Heart – This is done to very popular Kpop song, those who are not to sure what Kpop is it’s Korean Pop very very popular music in fact Simon Cowell from the X Factor is going to do a series based on Kpop to find the next big Boy/Girl band. Yes it’s a little cheesy but it has a great beat and will get you singing along.

If you want to come with us next time then you will have to wait till 2021 as the venue is fully booked in 2020. in the meantime

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