October – Linedancer News

Been a pretty tough few months but I’m back and ready to kick ass!

OK I have bloody loads to tell you, so this could be a fairly big read, so go and grab a coffee, and hopefully enjoy the read below ….

In today’s blog, let me tell you about ..

  • New Classes
  • New Website
  • New Social Dates
  • Dance Holidays
  • Cyprus Holiday – Now taking bookings!
  • Sister Company Mi Travel
  • What dances have I been teaching this summer
  • What am I planning to teach this Autumn

Dance Classes

To date I now have six dances classes across Cheshire and North Wales, these classes are in Chester, North Wales, and Crewe/Nantwich.

If you would like to see the full details of the classes then click here 


New Website

You have probably noticed that my website looks a little different, that’s because I have designed a new website! The old website was good but very expensive to run, so hopefully you will find this just as easy to use. With this being a new website, there may be some gremlins in the system, if you come across anything please let me know and I will get on to it.



Going forward I will be changing the way I do socials.

The location’s I currently have classes covers a much larger area, and I’m getting increasing demand for socials in other areas, unfortunately my work schedule is very busy and I can’t do more than 12 social events a year.  

So going forward I am going to organise six socials in Cheshire, and six socials in North Wales – more details will be released in due cause.


Line Dance Holidays

I have updated the Line dance holiday section of the website, hopefully you will find it nice and easy to use. again if you spot any errors let me know, as when your working on a website for so long you can overlook errors.

As you can see there are currently 4 sections to our dance holidays which include, Line Dance, Ballroom & Latin, West Coast Swing, and Modern Jive.

There is a little tool you can use so you can filter dates, artists, and choreographers which I’m sure you’ll find useful. Dance Fever is a sister company of Mi Travel, meaning there is no change on how you book your dance holidays with me unless the dance holiday is overseas, which then means you will book with Mi Travel.

Cyprus Line Dance Holidays

After popular demand I have finally organised a line dance holiday to Cyprus, I had many ask me for years to do this and to be honest I wasn’t prepared to risk my money or your money organising a line dance holiday abroad. 

There are many organisers that take the risk – which is foolish especially as they are not ATOL protected! Luckily I am now ATOL protected and your money and holiday is 100% safe and risk free.

So put this following date in your diary 22nd to 29th November 2020, the line dance holiday will be in Paphos, Cyprus and we will be staying at the Constantinou Bros Athena Beach Hotel. Call me for details the sooner you book the cheaper it will be!

Mi Travel

It’s been a VERY long journey however I’m pleased to now celebrate ONE year anniversary of Mi Travel.

 I started Mi Travel (My Travel), because I wanted to expand the travel company both for Dance Travel overseas and everyday holidays for you, your family and friends to enjoy. 

Not only do I have access to the best deals but I’m also part of the largest travel company meaning we have massive buying power for hotels, flights and attractions across the world. I would love to help you with your next holiday, visit www.mitravel.co.uk and if you would like me to do a quote for you then click here and complete the form and I will get back to you asap.

Latest Line Dances Taught ..

The reviews below are based on 180 weekly dancers across all SIX classes.

Floor it – (Rob Fowler) This is my absolute favorite dance at the moment I absolutely love it! Great feel factor and I highly recommend this dance it’s an easy intermediate dance that has gone down well in all 6 classes! Class score 10/10

Just a Phase (Fred Whitehouse) I was very late teaching this one, but always loved it! All classes love it, some still forget some parts of this dance, so still doing some recaps. Great dance with lovely music! Class score 10/10

 Caminando Por La Vida (Colin Ghys) I’m very surprised this dance isn’t being done in more clubs around the UK, it’s a really good dance, I think it’s more so that he is an unheard choreographer, must say they all love the dance. Class score 10/10

When you smile (Jose Miguel Belloque Vale, Roy Verdon) This is a cute little dance, the 1/4 turn is a little tricky, but if you want an easy teach then I recommend this. Club score 9/10

Senorita La-La-La (Julia Wetzei) I would say this is the dance of the year for my classes, its easy but equally its choreographed to such a great latin song! Club Score 10/10

Bonapart’e Retreat (Maddison Glover) She did it again, Maddy has choreographed a great little dance. All my  beginners, Improvers and Intermediate dancers love dancing to this song! Club score 10/10

Shot of Tequila (Fred Whitehouse) I had mixed reviews with this one, and unfortunately after six weeks I have now dropped it. I don’t why why they dont like, I think it’s the music – I really don’t know tbh. Club score 5/10

Lonely Blues (Rachael McEnaney White) They all seem to like this dance, Im confident they they will now know it at a social event. Club score 7/10

Touch of Mexico (Daniel Whittaker) I have been teaching this dance for past 3 months but only released this dance about 2 weeks ago, I thought I would wait until the summer was over before I released it. Club score 9/10

Wanna Know (Niels Poulsen) This isn’t the easiest of dances, so I didnt teach at all classes, but the two classes I did teach it at they loved, if you want a little challenge then I highly recommend this dance Club score 10/10


Future potential teaches …

  • Work Done by Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Rhoda Lai, & Jonno Liberman
  •  Tonight is Real by Maggie Gallagher
  • Romeo Tonight by Karl Harry Winson
  • PlayBoys by Karl Harry Winson
  • Nothing to Hide by Simon Ward & Chris Watson
  • Baby I’m Torn By Julia Wetzel
  • 3 to Tango by Raymond Sarlemijn, Roy Verdonk & Jose Migual Belloque Vane
  • Every Light by Karl Harry Winson
  • In Comes the Night by Ria Vos

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