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What line dances have been taught in May 2019

This month has been very up and down with class numbers, this is pretty standard for the Month of April and May every year.

I’m going to summarise what I have been teaching the past 8 weeks from the beginning of April.


  • Flobie Slide
  • Latin Wiggle
  • Mama Mia Why Me (unknown)
  • Dare to Dance (Fred Whitehouse)
  • Easy Come Easy Go


  • Starlight (Robbie McGowan Hickie & Kate Sala)
  • Home to you (Maggie Gallagher)
  • Keep Dancing (Pat Stott)
  • Shaky (Gary Lafferty)


  • A Better Man (Kim Ray)
  • Nothing But You (Darren Bailey)
  • Hussle Me (Willie Brown & Darren Bailey)
  • Going to London (Laura Sway & Jamie Barnfield)
  • Blood Sweat & Beer (Karl Harry Winson)


  • Secrets We Keep (Unknown)
  • Drop Snap (Jose Miguel Belloque Vane & Jean-Pierre Madge)

Golden Oldie Teaches

  • Doctor Doctor (Masters in Line)
  • Halfway Hussle (John Dean)
  • The Bomp (Kim Ray)

In all we had a very productive and well remembered teaching list, just a shame about the numbers. From June I open another 3 classes, so that will be a total of 8 classes with around 200-240 students each week.

Im hoping my next teaching blog will be on here by end of June, if you would like to attend any classes within Cheshire or North Wales then please drop me an email or call me.

Daniel 🙂

See you on the dance floor

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